Upon arrival at pick up addresses a chauffeur will advise you that the car/s have arrived.
The chauffeurs will wait at the cars until you are ready to go to your ceremony or as instructed.
We like to assist the female bridal party into the cars with the dresses because we are used to handling the quite often very large amount of material in some dresses with 40 years experience.

On arrival at the ceremony the chauffeurs quickly get out of the cars and immediately put the red carpet at the nearside rear door of the cars so that when ladies get out of the car the bottom of their dresses does not fall on the ground, they land on the carpet as we assist each lady from the car and onto the carpet.

Usually the person who is giving the bride away comes into the photos with the bride at the car as the driver gets out of photo range.

If Mum & Dad are involved, they both usually get some photos with the bride at the car before she goes into the ceremony.

I have noticed of recent times that numerous photographers advise chauffeurs not to worry about putting out the red carpet on the bridesmaid’s car, they will not be taking photos of those ladies before they go into the ceremony.
We still put the carpet out and advise either the groom or bride of their advice.  Obviously it is our view that any good photographer is definitely going to take photos of every lady in the bridal party.
We again assist in getting the bride into church and spreading her train as she goes down the aisle.
After the ceremony we like to discuss with the photographer where is taking you for photos. If we have been given an itinerary of photographic locations and times even better.
Wherever you want us to serve the champagne, orange juice and chilled still water at one of the photo locations we take advice from the groom.

It is illegal to serve intoxicating liquor in any motor vehicle, 3 points demerit plus $$ fine for the chauffeur.

When it is getting close to the time when we should be on the road to the reception so that we do not go into overtime, The chauffeur will discuss leaving time with the groom and photographer. If you decide to stay on at a photo location and incur overtime, we charge on a quarter hour increment per car. Payable on the day as we have already advised on the contract.

All chauffeurs wear similar uniforms, black chauffeur’s suit, white business shirt, black socks and shiny black shoes Company tie.      With over 38 years experience we are professional and reliable.
Every car is equipped with at least 2 umbrellas, pure satin white ribbon, and best quality pure wool red carpet of adequate size.
We carry flower water spray bottles, make up mirrors, small sewing kit, headache tablets and tissues.


All our cars are built or restored and serviced and maintained in our own workshop to a very high standard.
We carry a large range of spare parts and supply other wedding car agencies with some spare parts.


All possible clients are welcome to inspect and view our cars and showroom. Workshop and cars are at 50 Sutherland Street Mascot. Inspection arranged to suit clients.
We work at the premises all day each weekday and a lot of weekends.
Our “Happy customer testimonial books” are available for your inspection at any time.
We have also won numerous “Excellence in Service” awards over the years.

We hope to see you soon. 

James & Angela Redman JP’s

We Have More Than 40 Years of Experience